That's absolutely fantastic! How did you come up with this idea? Where are the potential users of Safari with Farsi interface?

I don't have a particular use for that but it might help to resolve a lot of technical problems regarding Safari support of Persian language. I don't have time right now but I will certainly test it in the future. Does it install in addition to standard Safari or does it replace it?

In the meantime, could you tell me which font you used for your demo? Can you change the default (Geeza Pro) font of Safari to any other PersoArabic font for rendering Farsi web pages? This question is for both Standard Safari and your Safari.

Keep up the good work,

On 13-Jan-04, at 5:44 PM, Ali Samadi Ahadi wrote:

Hi all,

I'm translating safari and other apps for os X to Farsi maybe you would like to to have a look on it!

greetings Ali Samadi

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