On Fri, 2004-01-16 at 18:30, Ali A. Khanban wrote:
> 1. Arabic Hamza Above (U+0654), Arabic Hamza Below (U+0655), Arabic 
> Subscript Alef (U+0656) and Arabic Maddah Above (U+0653) behave 
> differently from Arabic Fatha and so on. They behave more like a letter. 

This should be because of old software. What is the exact software you
are using for that? If you have a copy of MS Office 2003, for example,
can you reproduce the bug there?

> Also, try as an example the result of Arabic Letter Waw (U+0648) + 
> Arabic Hamza Above (U+0654) compared to Arabic Letter Waw With Hamza 
> Above (U+0624).

This is a bug. But I don't know if it can be fixed in a font instead of
in software. I will check and see.

> 2. Arabic Letter Alef Maksura (U+0649) in initial and middle form is 
> shown incorrectly as single and end form (the same as famous Farsi Yeh 
> problem).

Again this is old software. I don't have the problem on Windows XP's
Notepad. And this cannot be fixed in the font.

> BTW, all the numerals are the same shape in different fonts.

This should be due to a setting somewhere. Would you please tell me
about the versions of software you're testing it with?


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