I was at Lahore the last week as a trainer for a workshop called the
"Fundamentals of Local Language Computing"
(http://www.panl10n.net/training.htm). It was a wonderful experience
seeing Lahore, and meeting various people there, but I'm not writing
about that here.

Something that should be interesting for the members of this list, was
the announcement of an official translation of the user interface of
Microsoft Office 2003 to the Persian language (among others). What will
be there, is a wordlist-based spellchecker, and full translation of the
user interface and error messages of MS Office Standard Edition 2003
(Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word). It will be published as a gratis
add-on downloadable from Microsoft's website, installable over an
English version of MS Office 2003. The timing is still not known.

I saw a basic demo, and was generally impressed. I believe this has been
a good forward step for the users of the language, specially those who
don't know English.


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