On Fri, 2004-02-13 at 11:19, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> To this date I and all people I know at FarsiWeb project used to
> say hyphenation is not and should not be used in Persian text,

Hyphenation is/was used in Persian text, although it is highly
discouraged now in the days of digital typography. That is what you hear
from chief editors from Fatemi and Iran University Press.

> but after seeing some examples in some hardcopy books I came up
> to the conclusion that hyphenation IS allowed in Persian:

It is used in older books, yes. Usually in the old days of "sorbi"
typesetting. It was done to avoid re-setting the paragraph.

> Hyphenation can be used to break a word phrase across two lines
> from the places that words have formed the phrase.

Not even that, it has been used quite sparingly in older days even in
cases that lowered readablity quality more than that.

Anyway, I am interested about the source of your conclusion about that.

> I really think we need a better character for sub-word boundaries
> in Persian...

Subword boundaries don't need a character. In every language in the
world that uses hyphenation, it is done using table lookups, not
explicit encoding. Of course Unicode has a character for the case you
want to explicitly add a hyphenation point in a word: it is U+00AD SOFT


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