On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 19:15, Ali Samadi Ahadi wrote:
> Hi i´m looking for a Spell check project. Has any body an idea? If 
> there are not people working on that,  i would like to develop one 
> which can be used by Linux, Mac ... and i´m looking for ideas. There is 
> a project named "Aspell" But i´dont know if this App works also with 
> Farsi Language. It would be great if somebody can help.

This is what I know:

* There are many solutions in the market. The oldest I know, was
Zarnegar's Persian spellchecker, by SinaSoft.

* There is a research project going under the supervision of Mr Alireza
Pourmomtaz, from Farafarhang Publishers. He is trying to create a
spellchecker based on a corpus but with an additional filtering tool
that checks conformance to the Persian Academy's guidebook. I can give
you his contact information.

* The FarsiLinux project (http://www.farsilinux.org/) has a few projects
for buying a spell checking database and releasing it as Open Source,
and also working on Persian support in some spellcheckers like aspell
based on that. The project has approved the funds, but has not created
an RFP yet.


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