I could take a quick look. Here is some tips:

1. Good job!
2. for the letter "ch" you'd better use "Č" (C
with reverse circumflex) and for the letter "je" use J
with the same reverse circumflex because you have used
the American version of IPA. 
3. This is a phonetic representation of Persian not
definitely a good transliteration because a complete
transliteration is a representation of the orthography
(what we see in writing) and it should contains all
the  information in the writing (e.g. all 4 forms of Z
in Farsi). In the later processings (where the mystery
is) this transliteration would reveal diacritization
and hidden vowles and Ezafe.
4. No Persian syllable can start with a vowel. CV
(Consonant-Vowel) is the smallest Persian syllable. So
for the simple "A" in Farsi we have "?A". The "?" sign
is Hamza and is considered to be a consonant.
5. You may consider more reliable and authentic
sources like "Lambton", "Lazard" and etc.

Good luck with your good job,


--- Jalal Maleki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Dear friends,
> I have written a paper on transliteration of Persian
> to Latin. This proposal is called eFarsi and a draft
> version of my paper is available as the following
> PDF-file:
>   http://www.ida.liu.se/~jalma/efarsi.pdf
> I would be grateful if some of you find the time to
> send me some comments.
> Best regards,
> Jalal Maleki
> Department of Computer and Information Science
> Linkoping University, Sweden
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