Thanks Paul and Peter
I'll forward you the correct sorting order for Pashto ASAP.
But Peter, wont it take too much of a computer memory for the string conversion for 24,000 words dictionary?
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Dear Said Marjan Zazai,


As a workaround for automatic sorting in Office, try assigning a two- or three-digit numeric code to each Unicode used in Pashto, then convert all your Pashto strings in numeric strings and sort them. A bit clumsy, but it works! (We do the same for other languages for which automatic sorting isn’t yet supported.)


BTW, please also send me the correct sorting for Pashto and if you want, I send you a simple Excel macro in return that will do the sorting for your dictionary.


Best regards,


Peter E. Hauer


Vienna, Austria



From: Said Marjan Zazai [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2004 2:27 PM
Subject: [paktype] Sorting Problem with Pashto


I am working on a Dictionary project for Pashto language. Was trying to enter "English into Pashto" dictionary into Microsoft Access and while sorting the "Pashto" column on ascending order, I came to across a bug (thats what i'll call it).


The image below is a screen short of Access Database sorted on the right column which is Pashto Meaning of the English word on the left side. As you can see that in Pashto the letter TTeh (Teh with circle) comes after Teh and before wow و but in this list TTeh, TZEEM, and TSEH comes after wow و which comes at the end almost.


Could anyone tell me whats the problem here and how can we fix it ?


Thank you

Said Marjan Zazai,

Afghan Tech.

Kabul, Afghanistan.





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