Michael, you are definitely assuming too much.


But I don’t want to swamp this mailing list with further trivial discussion. See my full answer in a private e-mail to you.





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At 20:31 +0100 2004-02-23, Linguasoft wrote:
>It's nice that you inform implementers whom you had promised a personal
>answer via a public forum by reference to your site (any URL, by the way?)

We made an announcement to the CLRA list on 2004-01-31. I believed
that, since you are developing software for Pashto, you were
subscribed to the CLRA mailing list and would receive the message.

>Also, what is "nontrivial"?

Changing the layout. Swapping two keys.

"Trivial" would be doing something like adding a recycling symbol to
an unused position.
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