In the middle of nowhere, suddenly a heated discussion (from the middle!) was dumped on list members!
From what I understand, this is about copyright issue with regard of Arianpoor dictionary.
Well, the printed version has been around for many years now and Arianpoor brothers should be the sons of the original author. It's been updated regularly and this is maybe carried on by the sons. The electronic version as I understand, is widely available on the internet for PC users.
What Ali is trying to do is to provide to Macintosh users the same tools and utilities that are freely available for PC users. The issue of copyright should be discussed in another level and finger pointing to such a small community of Persian computing for such a large issue doesn't solve any problem and frankly it's not fair. Ali is not the source of copyright infringement (if there is any) and he provided the source of his database.
All Ali wants to do is to provide some level of facilities to Mac users that PC users take them for granted.
For grand social issues let's start with grand market. Iranian Macintosh User Group is too young, too small and too fragile - and by its singularity- too visible and shouldn't be targeted for such issues.

On 2-Mar-04, at 11:53 AM, C Bobroff wrote:

By the way, who ARE the Aryanpour brothers? We see their data in online
dictionaries all over the place. Do they not know or care? Of course,
the printed versions keep getting reprinted so they get some benefit. But
what is their story? Have they ever spoken on this subject?
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