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> Hi,
> I think putting Dictionaries on the web needs a special license . Buying a
> software means you are getting license to use this software as it is. There
> is no license for presenting this software on the web. If you want to use
> software in another program or another location you have to get special
> license for new location.

No.  It all comes than to the EULA (End-User License Agreement)
of the software.  If there is no EULA, then as you have *bought*
the software, you can do whatever you want with it, as it's your
property.  But EULAs generally state that you have not bought the
software, but the permission to use it in this and that way.

I have seen in EULA of many international software things like
you are only allowed to run this software on this operating
system, and for this usage.  You are NOT allowed to extract data
from it or use the data provided in this software in this or that

Last time I bought a dictionary CD in Tehran, I checked and the
EULA had no clause about not extracting the data and use in other

And Roozbeh has already answered the question that Web is
different or not.  I say not.  Consider this scenarios:

- I have a library.  I provide the service that you call me, ask
for the meaning of a word, and I look up the meaning in a few
dictionaries I have in the library, and answer you back.

- Now, with the advances in technology, you can simply send me an
SMS other my cell phone and I would reply back with the meaning
of the word you asked for.

- Later I spend more and develop an automated system that on
receiving an SMS, it would look up the meaning in dictionaries
that I have bought in form of CD and replies back with the

- Now I connect my system to internet and provide the same
service on Yahoo! Messenger and over Email.

- Finally I run a web server and provide the dictionaries in a
web application.

So, which of these I'm allowed to do and which not?  If you agree
that I'm allowed to do the first one, the you either you should
agree that I'm allowed to do them all, or there is one of the
scenarios you believed it allowed, following by another scenario
that you believe I'm not allowed to do.  As you can see the
difference between adjacent scenarios is so small that you can
hardly allow one and disallow the other.

> We are working on Machine Translation system (Pars Translator
> http://www.ParsTranslator.Net ) and our customers have no license to put
> this software on the web as we mentioned in License Agreement before. As I

So you have mentioned that they are not allowed to do that.

> saw in many software (specially dictionaries) , there is no license to put
> the dictionary on the web. Let me know if you have any Dictionary software
> with license for putting data on the web.

I would ask someone (Behnam, please?) to type and send us the
EULA of Bateni and AryanPour CDs available in Tehran.


> Regards,
> Pars Translator Group,
> Ebadat A.R.
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