On Wed, 2004-03-03 at 20:45, Modirrousta, Mostafa wrote:
> if someone scans or reproduce the pages of Aryanpour and exhibits them
> on the web, no matter how (even if there is no download it here link)
> it would be violation of coyright,

That is right but ...

> simply because the poor guy is supposed to earn something for his
> efforts if not his life in this way  :-) 

... it is not related to one's earning or efforts or life at all! Please
don't buy the big corporations' craps on this. Something is a violation
of copyright, simply because a certain law in the jurisdication doesn't
allow that. Copyright is not necessarily a good thing.

> However, IMHO, I would like to see more reference materials from
> iranian treasures out on the web and hope the original copy right
> holders agree with some less restrictive form of licensing so more
> people benefit from it.

That is the a good reason that copyrights are not necessarily a good
thing. Let's say a popular author dies and leaves a very greedy family
who don't give anyone the permission to republish his works unless each
volume is sold at a million dollars. Is a law supporting that a good


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