> On Fri, 5 Mar 2004, Roozbeh Pournader wrote:
>> Honestly, license agreements are not applicable in Iran (and many other
>> countries). License Agreements may be important if you live in US and
>> some other countries, but don't have a case in Iran. In Iran, you only
>> have the copyright law.
> And of course the contract law.  To be precise, the Islamic
> contract law ;).  Perhaps we should raise some funds to pay a
> lawyer to resolve this issue...
> behdad
>> roozbeh

This has been an interesting thread.  I have a story that relates to
this.  My youngest sister is turning into an accomplished painter.
On a recent visit to Iran, I brought back some of her works.  I asked
her to sign them.  She signed the back of the frame, rather than -- as
she put it -- deface the painting with her signature.  She felt that
she was only the conduit for the creativity and not the source and so
couldn't take credit for the work.  Her thinking is probably
influenced partly by modesty and partly by religion.

I don't know anything about the laws in Iran, but I would imagine that
this attitude probably permeates throughout the Intellectual Property
law.  Obviously this isn't good for the traditional software business
model (licensing binaries, and hiding the code), but I am not sure
that the Open Source business model wouldn't also be hurt by it.

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