Is there any statistics about the percentage of users who have no problem reading Farsi Yeh and Keh? If not, I wonder if someone can set up a poll on this subject. It can simply contain two sentences, one written with standard characters like "?? ???" and the other with a mixture of Arabic and Farsi like "?? ???". They should seem identical for those with correct fonts. It is possible to have more than one poll for more common fonts such as Tahoma and Time New Roman.


C Bobroff wrote:

Thanks, everyone for the WEFT feedback.  I feel better now having
investigated the WEFT option.  I also reported our findings to the
developers. Looks like they are not getting much feedback for Persian.

To summarize:
Weft seems to work reliably for all fonts On WinXP/IE6.0.
With Win2000, results vary but it does work sometimes with IE6.0
With Win98, IE6.0 is definitely required, however only the Koodak font
(and presumably the other FarsiWeb fonts) will work for Persian.
Interestingly, the Latin subset of Tahoma and Arabic Typesetting, (even
the characters with diacritics) also works.

Since according to our feedback and also
it looks like Weft should work on at least 50% of computers (I'm being
generous here!!) so I think we can say this is definitely a good
alternative to asking the user to download and install a font.

I'm not saying this is the best solution but it is one solution that we
see does work right now until further improvements are made in Persian

Thanks again for the feedback and comments!
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