On Fri, 14 May 2004, Ali A. Khanban wrote:

> Is there any statistics about the percentage of users who have no
> problem reading Farsi Yeh and Keh? If not, I wonder if someone can set
> up a poll on this subject.

Another option is to get some webstats from Persian website webmasters and
find out exactly how many Persian users are actually still using Win9x.
Of course, there are many variables involved but that would be a place to

Also, as a follow-up to the  da's and ka's issue on this same thread,
after consultation with the author of the book I quoted, we decided to
remove the hamze from da's and go with the standard daas. That is indeed
what the Khanlari edition has. However, ka's will remain with the hamze to
be consistent with the sources he himself cited.

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