On Sun, 9 May 2004, Masoud Sharbiani wrote:

> No, I did not have any additional fonts on my machine: the machine was
re-installed 2 days before the experiment, with Win98SE, plus all available
updates, plus NetScape Communicator 4.8 and ORinoco wireless drivers.
None of these include Koodak font, do they? :-)

Thanks for the clarification, Masoud.  I've been studying your exhibits.
Very interesting that your Tahoma in English gives all the English
letters correctly. For example, the two letters in the name Hafiz should
not be available in your version of Tahoma. So you either are benefiting
from the updates or from my font via Weft. But why could it not have
also given you the corrected Yeh in Persian? Since your machine can handle
the Yeh in Koodak, it is not that it can't display the unicode character
or that there is some shaping problem.

Anyone have any ideas?

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