We've had a few discussions about WEFT before in the past but never really
explored it completely.  Therefore, I made this demo page in both
English and Persian and embedded Tahoma, Koodak(by FarsiWeb) and Arabic

Can you please check if Weft has worked? Do you see my fonts correctly?
Is the Yeh (medial form) showing up correctly in all fonts, especially on
Win98? Is the load time any longer than usual? If you have the old, buggy
Tahoma font, is my corrected font showing up instead?  If you have the old
Sinasoft or Borna Koodak, is my FarsiWeb Koodak showing up?

Please report your findings! Be sure to mention which version of Windows
and IE. By the way, you have to uninstall these fonts if you have them,
otherwise, the test is not too helpful :)

As you may know, Weft only works on Windows and IE so don't bother to
check on anything else.  Also please don't look at the source code! I was
in a great hurry and yes, it's a mess.  Anyone who is qualified is welcome
to redo it if too unbearable.  I would appreciate that!

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