Dear Connie,

Like you, I use WinXP and IE 6.0. I'm sorry to say that I can't help you on
the other platforms.

But take a look at , which provides good services
for web page testing on mutiliple platforms and different browsers.
Hope this helps :-)

Please inform us about the result.


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Sent: Friday, May 07, 2004 11:01 AM
Subject: WEFT webpage font embedding--Call for feedback

> We've had a few discussions about WEFT before in the past but never really
> explored it completely.  Therefore, I made this demo page in both
> English and Persian and embedded Tahoma, Koodak(by FarsiWeb) and Arabic
> Typesetting:
> Can you please check if Weft has worked? Do you see my fonts correctly?
> Is the Yeh (medial form) showing up correctly in all fonts, especially on
> Win98? Is the load time any longer than usual? If you have the old, buggy
> Tahoma font, is my corrected font showing up instead?  If you have the old
> Sinasoft or Borna Koodak, is my FarsiWeb Koodak showing up?
> Please report your findings! Be sure to mention which version of Windows
> and IE. By the way, you have to uninstall these fonts if you have them,
> otherwise, the test is not too helpful :)
> As you may know, Weft only works on Windows and IE so don't bother to
> check on anything else.  Also please don't look at the source code! I was
> in a great hurry and yes, it's a mess.  Anyone who is qualified is welcome
> to redo it if too unbearable.  I would appreciate that!
> Thanks!
> -Connie
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