On Fri, 7 May 2004, Arash Zeini wrote:

Hi Arash,

You must have an older version of Tahoma on your computer.  I think these
Latin characters with diacritics were only recently added to Tahoma. (They
seem to have forgotten z with line underneath even in the latest which is
a problem for Persian transliteration.) Or maybe the reason was something
else?  Even when I was trying to create a PDF file from the webpage, Adobe
showed unknown character boxes for those same characters you mentioned
even though they were displayed just fine on the the webpage. I had to
waste a lot of time making a screenshot jpeg then converting to pdf!

Of course, Weft is not supposed to work on Konqueror/KDE.  Perhaps it is
possible to add the missing features.  I know it used to be possible to
use Weft on Netscape until they voluntarily stopped supporting whatever
necessary component was involved in implementing Weft. Whether this was a
technical or commercial decision, I don't know.


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