>> But take a look at http://www.browsercam.com ,
> Unfortunately, it really was not too helpful. No chance to test Win98
> with IE6 for example.

Hi Connie,

I have an unsolicited suggestion (I know you really don't want to hear
from eye-rain-ians â).  I routinely need to compile and test software
for a number of different OSes for x86/PC platform.  What I've found
useful -- especially for testing -- is VMWare.  It allows me to test
all Windows variants as well as FreeBSD and Linux.  There is a 30 day
free trial period that should give you a pretty good idea. I believe
they have an academic discount program.  Have you tried it?


P.S. Mac OS X users can use VirutalPC for PC virtual machine
on a Mac.

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