On Fri, 7 May 2004, Ali A Khanban wrote:

> IE6.0 on Win2K: OK

> Mozilla1.7RC1 on Win2K: OK (but the font of Arabic typesetting is very big!)
I see you've sent a followup. That's right, Weft is not supposed
to work on anything but Win and IE so no point checking really.
By the way, Arabic Typesetting is REALLY small compared to the core fonts
so I had to increase the size.  It's not meant for web use, only print.
But because of the size incompatibility, that makes it easy to see if
Weft is or is not working because the lines will wrap if your default
font appears. They designed Arabic Typesetting at a super small size
because the small vowels sometimes get cut off.)

> And I suppose the English translation of Bushaq poem is written in
> Koodak font (not in Tahoma as it says).
No Latin subset exists in the Koodak font.
I was forced to use Tahoma :(

> Another point is: why is it ØØØ instead of ØØØ and ÚØØ instead of ÚØØ?
I just quoted the book verbatim.
Ka's is sometimes seen written with a hamzeh as in Arabic.
I checked the meter (vazn) and could not see any reason why Haafez should
put the hamzeh in daas since the meter is not affected although the poet
certainly has the right to make this common orthographic variant all he
The Khanlari edition of his Divan has no hamzeh. I tell you what, Ali,
I'll ask the author of the book I'm quoting and get back to you on this
point! Thank you for spotting that. That's interesting.


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