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Hi Fariborz,

>  (I know you really don't want to hear
> from eye-rain-ians â).

If you're referring to seeing too much rain around here this morning,
you're absolutely right :)

> What I've found
> useful -- especially for testing -- is VMWare.

The reason I prefer the human testers is because Weft is very sensitive
and we've seen that even on the same version of Windows and IE, Weft
can behave differently. VMWare will  give only one scenario and that
too, probably in ideal conditions. It makes a difference if the user has
enforced internet settings or if the machine is in kiosk mode, etc.  I
think it would be more useful to get a wide range of responses.

(Not saying I won't try it out anyhow so thanks for the idea!)

> P.S. Mac OS X users can use VirutalPC for PC virtual machine
> on a Mac.
Maybe our Mac expert in Toronto will have something to say on this.


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