Thank you so much for the time you took to make the exhibits!
Exhibits A and C are a little depressing to look at but that's ok.
Concerning exhibit B (the Koodak font) I have a question: did you already
have the Koodak font on your computer? Did you uninstall it first?
That will be some good news if you don't have Koodak because it's
perfect on the "ancient machine!"

On Sat, 8 May 2004, Masoud Sharbiani wrote:

> Hello Connie,
> I am using IE6 (with the latest updates) and windows 98SE
> I have some screenshots for you too:
> in Tahoma: Medial Yeh not shown properly, it shows as Terminal Yeh (Exhibit A)
> Koodak looks OK to me. (I didn't check the .pdf as I didn't have acroread on that 
> (ancient) machine (Exhibit B)
> Arabic font had the same problems (IMHO) as tahoma. (Exhibit C)
> And about download/render. On this P-133/40Megs of ram it took around 12-13 seconds 
> to show the page completely. For comparison, took around 8 seconds.
> cheers, and good luck on next revision,
> Masoud
> On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 11:31:27PM -0700, C Bobroff wrote:
> > We've had a few discussions about WEFT before in the past but never really
> > explored it completely.  Therefore, I made this demo page in both
> > English and Persian and embedded Tahoma, Koodak(by FarsiWeb) and Arabic
> > Typesetting:
> >
> >
> > Can you please check if Weft has worked? Do you see my fonts correctly?
> > Is the Yeh (medial form) showing up correctly in all fonts, especially on
> > Win98? Is the load time any longer than usual? If you have the old, buggy
> > Tahoma font, is my corrected font showing up instead?  If you have the old
> > Sinasoft or Borna Koodak, is my FarsiWeb Koodak showing up?
> >
> > Please report your findings! Be sure to mention which version of Windows
> > and IE. By the way, you have to uninstall these fonts if you have them,
> > otherwise, the test is not too helpful :)
> >
> > As you may know, Weft only works on Windows and IE so don't bother to
> > check on anything else.  Also please don't look at the source code! I was
> > in a great hurry and yes, it's a mess.  Anyone who is qualified is welcome
> > to redo it if too unbearable.  I would appreciate that!
> >
> > Thanks!
> > -Connie
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