On Tue, 27 Apr 2004, Omid K. Rad wrote:

> Dear Behdad,

Dear Omid,

Thanks for your *clarification*.

> > ...in your references, I couldn't find any reference for this bold
> claim.
> Click on System.Globalization.JalaaliCalendar in the article, it links
> to this page on MSDN:
> http://longhorn.msdn.microsoft.com/?//longhorn.msdn.microsoft.com/lhsdk/
> ref/ns/System.Globalization/c/JalaaliCalendar/JalaaliCalendar.aspx

It simply redirects me to:


Which apparently is not related.

> > ...I see you have named the first section of your site "FarsiWeb" ...I
> definitely appreciate if you clarify your intention on using the same
> name in your site
> The website www.IranASP.NET is not MY site. I suggest you study the
> links well before you ask me for clarifications.

Sorry, my fault.

> Truly,
> Omid K. Rad

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