Oh! I am late to vote!

In IranL10nInfo draft we have defined the first letter of the weekdays for their 
abbreviated names. You can see it in the first table of section [3.2]:

And the description is:
It is very common to use the first letter of weekdays in month calendars. 

However, it is so rare to see this short form in a representation of a date. We had 
also some recent posts about the day and month names you can read here and discuss if 
you wish: http://www.idevcenter.com/projects/iranl10ninfo/forum/?messageid=10

Omid K. Rad
   <<Iran Localization Info for Microsoft .NET>>

 ------ 'C Bobroff' Wrote:

> Results of the Survey:
> Never: 3 votes
> Rarely: 2 votes
> Sometimes: 2 votes
> (Plus one more "never" vote from the person who vehemently objected to 
> my putting the abbreviations on my website and caused me to take this 
> poll!)
> I think we should conclude that abbreviations should be avoided. Yet 
> another reason why the Persian fonts need to be especially well-hinted 
> in the smaller sizes.
> Thank you for the input!
> -Connie

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