Well Mr. Bobroff,

Aren't you contradicting yourself. You first restrict the
discussion to people inside Iran and exclude others because
they may have been influenced by another language and now
you are interested in Afghan and Tajik data!? Don't you
think that there is a chance that Tajiks, for example, would
have probably been infected by the abbreviation conventions of
other languages?

Jalal Maleki

>> Please email me your answer: yes, no, often, rarely, never... according
>> to what you've seen and I'll summarize.  Again, those living
>> outside Iran, please don't participate because you may have been
>> influenced by another language.
>> Thanks!
>> -Connie
>> _______________________________________________

>Thanks and good idea.
>Why not also include Afghan and Tajik data?  No one is looking out for
>them. For example, I recently tried to figure out the date in Afghanistan.
>There are dozens of online converters but all they've done I think is take
>FarsiWeb's Jalali converter and change Esfand to Hut, etc with no
>attention to the different way the leap year is calculated making the
>calendar useless.  (Luckily someone finally provided me with a trustworthy
>off-line calendar.) Then I tried to type a paragraph in Tajik and the best
>font I could find was a hacked Times New Roman which was unusable.  A side
>benefit to taking the other "Persians" into consideration is that it
>brings up issues of Iran Persian which might have otherwise gone
>Just a humble suggestion.

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