On Wed, 2004-04-28 at 11:40, Omid K. Rad wrote:
> I was rather disappointed when I was told that FarsiWeb is
> not interested in Microsoft .NET technology at all. Even though I value
> all the great achievements that FarsiWeb has found, I personally believe
> that resolving Persian computing issues should not be selective,
> especially for a group that has nationally accepted this mission

The FarsiWeb Project is a research project funded by Sharif FarsiWeb,
Inc (a private company) and a few sponsors [1], with a very very limited
budget and personnel. Why is that that you think it should resolve *all*
Persian computing issues?

Individual members of FarsiWeb also represent High Council of
Informatics of Iran in the Unicode Consortium and are active in a few
other national and international organizations. But the group has not
ever been assigned any responsibility apart from its certain limited
contracts. In other terms, we have not nationally accepted any mission,
and we do not even get any funds from the Iranian government for
continuing to represent them in the Unicode Consortium and

That aside, we would love to contribute to proper implementation of
Persian and Iranian requirements in any piece of software, which is the
reason we are active on the PersianComputing mailing list. We have
already shared an internal document with Omid on what we consider
requirements of Iran's Persian, and we will try to review his final
document and provide comments to him. He has suggested that we even
support his final proposal, which we may decide to do at the end. But we
have lots of other work to do, and we can't take responsibility for
everything, specially any software that doesn't come with source code.

Roozbeh Pournader
Technical Manager of the FarsiWeb Project
President of Sharif FarsiWeb, Inc.

[1] Current sponsors are Sharif University of Technology and Cyber7 Inc.
Previous sponsors included Science and Arts Foundation, and High Council
of Informatics of Iran. FarsiWeb welcomes other sponsors or contractors.

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