On Thu, 29 Apr 2004, C Bobroff wrote:

> On Thu, 29 Apr 2004, Roozbeh Pournader wrote:
> > http://www.bbc.co.uk/persian/interactivity/debate/story/2004/04/040428_mf_bt_weblanguage.shtml
> Can you give an example of "haa-ye havvaz instead of kasra." I can't
> think how that situation could come up although I'm sure it's obvious.

He means the way some people write informal Persian, like for
example to write "pesare-e khoobi-e", they write "pesareh
khoobieh", means PEH SIN REH HEH   KHEH WAW BEH YEH HEH.

> -Connie

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