> > Iâm going to find the regulation that is used in Iran to determine
> > the first week of the year.
> There is no regulation or practice for that, as far as I know. I'd
> love to be proved incorrect. (Well, actually the first week of the 
> year doesn't start until Farvardin 14 here in Iran!)

Yes, I have come to the same conclusion. Anyways, we are to select
one of the rules as the default rule for Iran.
FirstDay, FirstFourDayWeek, or FirstFullWeek.

Using the Culture Browser tool we have provided, you can compare this
value for different locales that are already defined in .NET 1.1:


For example CalendarWeekRule for
Arabic (U.A.E)  is FirstDay
Azeri (Cyrillic)        is FirstDay
Danish (Denmark)        is FirstFourDayWeek
English (Canada)        is FirstDay
Farsi (Iran)    is FirstDay
French (France) is FirstDay
German (Germany)        is FirstFourDayWeek
Urdu (Pakistan) is FirstFullWeek

> > To decide on the first week of the year weâve got three rules (don't
> > tire out yourself with these, just read on): [...]
> Are those the only ones .NET allows? The POSIX standards allow four
> more.

Well, the pro here is that the .NET first week rules adjust themselves
with the calendar so to cover every type of calendar they do not need to
be so much.

> The general idea is identifying a certain
> day of the week that its occurence marks a first week of the
> year. Considering Saturday as the first day of the week, your 
> FirstDay is equivalent to POSIX's "Friday", your 
> FirstFourDayWeek is equivalent to "Tuesday", and your 
> "FirstFullWeek" is equivalent to "Saturday".

Good point, thank you.

> roozbeh


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