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> > It is still "Amordad"; I was going to point it out here
> > to discuss, as I did not find about it in the archives. -Omid
> The answer is really simple:  Have you ever seen "Amordad"
> printed *anywhere*?  That's like using Pahlavi instead of 
> Modern Persian.

In fact I myself use 'Mordad' ordinarily, because I'm simply used to it.
But since I was drawn to this calendar thing I realized that the correct
word is actually 'Amordad' whose initial ALEF is dropped over a
not-so-long time, because of the simplicity to pronounce. The initial
ALEF in Persian was used to negate a noun, thus Amordad which means 'the
month of no-death' or 'the month of life' has now altered to Mordad
meaning 'the month of death'. It was interesting for me when I found
that many *printed* almanacs observe to use the original word and I had
never noticed that. My mind always saw 'Amordad' and read 'Mordad'. So I
was thinking why not have another exception in our literature such as
the VAAV in words 'khaahesh' and 'khaahar' that is written but not read.
Write 'Amordad' and read 'Mordad' to have the modern word while not
corruptting the old good meaning.

I don't have many calendars in hand here, but when I was in Iran I found
many calendars that use 'Amordad' instead of 'Mordad'. I took a photo of
the only Iranian calendar I have here for you too see an instance.


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