Well, I thought I was done with the Weft demo page,
http://students.washington.edu/irina/persianword/weft.htm and could now
catch up on my non-computing activities. Picked up reading Jamalzadeh's
"Dar al-Majanin" where I'd left off months ago. What did I run into after
just 2 pages? "I looked at the sky. It had become an expansive garden...."
(i.e., the same Hafez that was the content of the WEFT demo) LOL, this is
some sort of conspiracy! Anyhow, I had to then return to the webpage and
add Jamalzadeh's edition.  This gave me the chance to add another FarsiWeb
font, Roya. Also took the opportunity to throw in a couple Heh+Hamza Above
(U+0654) demo's. The positioning is not altogether bad. Of course, not
like U+06C0 but still, not bad. The harakat (short vowels, fatha, kasra,
dumma, etc) are positioning a bit too distant from the mother ship but I
threw a few in for good measure. Of course, these positioning issues will
depend on the OS and browser as well as the font.

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