On Mon, 17 May 2004, Hooman Mehr wrote:

> Hi Omid and Connie,
> MSDN way of specifying Hijri calendar is like saying the
> length of any month in Gregorian calendar is 30 days plus or 
> minus two days -- true but not very useful. [...]

Hi Hooman,

The Hijri calendar introduced in MSDN does not give you a totally
accurate date, since as you know there are many many elements and
dependancies around finding a correct Hijri date. It also does not work
based on a specific region. It simply lets you adjust it manually by 2
days. It means it has always a probability of 1 or 2 days of error and
seems that they prefer this descripency in return of the other
advantages it gives: to cover every variant and every region, and the
ability to fix the calendar in case that the observations change the
authoritative estimated version of the calendar at any time. It is
possible to implement the Hijri calendar the way ODC suggested, using
online tables of Hijri adjustments for the past years but it still
limits the divices to be online and yet it's impossible again to find
assured correct dates in the future. With the current conditions in mind
I think it is not out of sence to choose this particular calendar for
the OS to be ordinarily useable rather than tailoring it for complex
calendarical conversions.


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