Thanks for reply,

> I'm not sure if that is what he was asking.  I thought he might have
> been asking about automatic conversion of Arabic-Indic digits (e.g.
> U+06F3) to integer values (e.g.  3) and vice-versa; persumably this
> would happen if the locale is set fa_IR.

It's so, I tested some parts of control center -which requires
numbers- with Arabic-Indic digits, it works. I mean Arabic-Indic
digits are recognized and converted to integer , shouldn't
any program using Glibc locale(locale functions from glibc) and
supporting UTF8 (like MySQL-4.1.4-gama) support persian numbers
(process them as integers)?

Is there any function for conversion between Arabic-Indic digits and
integers?I mean something like atoi for this purpose?(I couldn't find
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