Dear friends at Persian Computing,


I need your help to make my (new) keyboard work in Persian. This is an onscreen keyboard targeted for pen-based computers and already in use by many Tablet PC users (the English version of it that is). It is based on a novel (patented) idea, which makes it very compact yet comprehensive.


Recently I have modified the code to be reconfigurable, making it usable with any language/alphabet. The code now reads XML files of Unicode-keyboard mapping and can switch between several languages. In its present form (version 4.0 alpha) it does work in Persian as it correctly outputs all letters, characters, and punctuation.


The problem, as some of you might have guessed, is the direction switching. Given an application like MS Word, my keyboard correctly sends the characters, and Word gives them the right form. But sometimes some characters (mainly the “shared” chars), and often the blinking caret appear on the wrong side of the line.


What can be done to make the shared characters (Like “!”) to appear on the correct side? The caret problem can be fixed with Word’s RTL command. But mixing English and Persian letters in the same line often leads to unpredictable outcomes.


Is there an algorithm governing these situations that I can use to modify the output to remedy this?


(Please email me or visit our site for info/downloads; if you would like I can provide you with betas in a few days)


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