Hi ,

> I talked to Roozbeh Pournader about your mail.  Seems like you
> are using an old version of the code, which has the problem as
> you mentioned.  Our latest code is available from address below
> and doesn't have that problem:
> http://www.farsiweb.info/jalali/jalali.c

Thanks for your attention.
I will apply this new algorithm now and will send a patch again to
mysql in the hope they accept it.

Now something else ,
For AddDate and DateDiff functions, I need an algorithm which
calculates the number of leap years between two given Date. Is there
any such algorithm or at least a documentation for the above
algorithms (jalali.c) so that i can find it in the code myself? (Or
AddDate, DateDiff functions ready in ideal case)

Mohsen A. Momeni
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