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> Umm..., because they connect the Alef to the Lam at the top and cut the
> Feh short? I have never seen it like that in a numbered list.

To save time, I just asked Mamoun Sakkal. Here's what he says on the matter:
Hi Connie,

You are right this type of connection between Alif and Lam is not new. It has 
been in use for many centuries and happens in calligraphic compositions rather 
than everyday writing. It happens in many styles but most in Thuluth and 
See an example of my work at

and click on Stage Banner where the same connection is used in the last word of

the composition.

See sketch 3.6 at

The same type of connection is used in other works such as

but here the Alif is modified to connect to the Lam while the Lam remains 
vertical without bend.

Hope this helps.


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