> Well, that's why I'm saying your implementation is not what MySQL
> people expect.  The date data type is representation-agnostic
> itself, and AddDate, DateDiff, etc work with the date data type
> (at least in MySQL).  What you need is functions to covert from
> internal date representation to Iranian calendar string, and vice
> versa.  You don't need (and should not) implement all date
> functions again.

Well, at first I wanted to implement a multicalender system for mysql
through a variable per column that can be set while creating tables,
something like : Create table t0 (dt Date calender jalali) ;  but as
mysql didn't accept , I worked on some functions.Now, I save iranian
Date in Date data type of mysql so why can't i define JDateAdd and
JDateDiff for iranian Date ??

Of course you are right , I shouldn't implement all Date functions
again but don't we need DateDiff function?
Maybe I misunderestood what you are saying , sorry.

Mohsen A. Momeni
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