> > I have put together a javascript code based on Roozbeh
> > Pournader/Behdad Esfahbod code to emulate Persian keyboard
> > layout under Mozilla/Firefox/Internet Explorer.
> Ah, it was never my code. I don't know how much Behdad worked on > it,
but the only part I really did was making the keyboard layout
> compatible with ISIRI 2901.

Well, I told that because of the orginial file's header which is given to
me by Behdad.

> > There are also some small changes in the keyboard layout based
> > on Behnam Esfahbod's suggestions.
> I would appreciate to know the details.

The changes are disabled shift X and shift N and shift V, previously there
were printing 'X','N' and 'V' while typing Farsi.


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