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On 6/5/05, mohsen ali momeni <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering how Date data type is dealt with in such databases
> as PostgreSQL or mySQL?
> Databases usually have Date related operations such as equality,
> less than, greater than, etc . But most databases have the Gregorian
> Calendar and not Jalalian.
> Any solutions or hacks?

Jalali calender is not implemented in MySQL yet. But MySQL doesn't
check the validity of Date entered. I mean you can enter any date
having day part from 1 to 31. So Jalali Date can be saved in Date data
type of MySQL. Also operations such as equality or .. works fine with
it. The only problem is the Add_Date, Sub_Date and functions like that
which doesn't work for Persian Date. A Multi-Calender system for MySQL
is going to be developed in near future (probably by me) so if you
need the full functionality, you should wait till then.


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