On Tue, 7 Jun 2005, Jon D. wrote:

> For anyone who's interested, new versions of a Persian
> stemmer, two-level morphology engine, link-grammar
> syntax parser, and character encoding conversion
> scripts are available for download.  All of it is
> under the Free license GPL v.2
> Web demonstrations for the Persian stemmer and the
> syntax parser are available also:
> http://students.cs.byu.edu/~jonsafar/stemmer.html
> http://students.cs.byu.edu/~jonsafar/persianlg.html

Hi Jon,

Can you please educate us on how these are supposed to work?  I
can't get anything out of them.  I choose UTF-8, and type a verb
in the stemmer, I get back the verb verbatim.


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