hi -all;
as this is my first post, (actually first mailing list!) maybe i have
some reposted questions. but before that, I googled this on
lists.sharif.edu and it had nothing sniffed out,be sure. ;-)

but the questions:
1) I want to know your point of view about importance of translating
user manuals, HOWTOs and generally project's documentations? (cause i
want to become a volunteer) what's the matters of translating this
stuffs in persian for users or developers?

2) there are some powerful tools and formats on the net for this
purpose. from the old-fart ones Texinfo and Emacs Info to fully-flexible
formats like DocBook. what's the best(NO-FLAME-WAR-PLZ) or at least
adaptable format and tool for persian translators?

3) as it's clear for me, Persian language has its translation problems
with technical translations. is there any resources for rules, that i
can trust on and take it as a model?


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