Hi Everyone,

I always ask for your help in various projects...

This time it's one of your favorites, a Majid story by Houshang Moradi Kermani.

I need to know if you see any mistakes in Persian spelling or content in
general and if there are any technical bugs.  I believe this will only be
viewable on WinXP + IE6 or Firefox, Win2000 SP2 + IE6, OS X + Firefox and
certain flavors of Linux.  Others will probably have missing characters or
problems with diacriticals. 

Please find lots of mistakes before the innocent language learners visit the
site.  They don't know how the Persian is supposed to look or anything about
Persian computing.

Most will probably enter the site here:

and the index page is here:

I have built this website from tips and insights from our previous discussions. 
Several of you, especially including but not limited to those with the "beh"
component in your name were involved in the production and without whom I would
be completely lost.  Also, the biggest thrill for me was that Mr. Moradi Kermani
is just an email away in Tehran and helped a lot.  What a wonderful man!  He is
right now just writing a few words of encouragement for the language-learners
which I'll put in the FAQ and then besides a couple small jobs, I'm done and
you can be sure I'm exhausted!

Thank you in advance for any and all feedback.



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