On Tue, 2005-10-25 at 21:51 +0200, Jalal Maleki wrote:
> The two most common diphthongs in Persian are ey and ow like
> in Peyman, peyk, nowruz, Mowlavi, and so on.

Well, not every expert agrees that "ey" is a diphthong. It's a
controversial issue.

> I can put my question in a different way: does giâh have two
> syllables or just one?

This may have the same situation. Some linguists may say is a diphthong
and hence one syllable, while others may say this is two syllables.

BTW, This list is mostly about computing-related aspects of the Persian
language, and members are usually more of technical background than
linguistic background. Linguistic discussions will probably not get
anywhere here, and are off-topic IMHO.


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