On Sun, 11 Dec 2005, Medi Montaseri wrote:

> I remeber being able to do this on Unix/Linux long time
> ago...as far back as 1990s....back then on SCO, AT&T
> SVR4 x86 (386 PCs) and then Linux...
> See manpages on
> setfont(8)
> unicode_start(1)
> unicode_stop(1)
> loadunimap(8)

Yeah, that's basically it.  And my BiCon package already has nice
Persian fonts and a keyboard map for Linux console.

> And google for "hebrew console"...that community was
> on top of this issue and I was using their tools and findings
> to solve this problem....

Well, that community uses some of my tools these days :).

> my final conclusion was Grahpical Interfaces will win at the
> end...

Yeah, that was my conclusion too.

> And finally Operating Systems are pretty much alike.
> If you can do something in Dos, Windows, you can do
> it in Linux as well....some would let a userspace app
> take over the kernel and do what ever you want (like DOS) and some only
> demand that you write a device dirver to take over the kernel...

Of course.  An small point, DOS doesn't have a kernel really :).
It may be called a boot-loader to be precise :D.


> Cheers
> Medi
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