On Sat, 2005-12-31 at 09:19 +0330, Mohsen Saboorian wrote:

> Is there any other similarities (mainly about Arabic letters) in other
> languages: e.g. Urdu.

Yes, both Pashto and Urdu have such problems. They both use the Persian
Kaf (KEHEH), and Pashto uses both the the Arabic Yeh (YEH) and the
Persian Yeh (FARSI YEH). Urdu also has an alternative Yeh, YEH BARREE,
while Pashto has two additional Yehs, making the number of different
Yehs used in the language four or five (depending on if you count the
YEH WITH HAMZA or not.) Their situation is worse than Persian, since:

1) Higher level Urdu computing experts are somehow undecided about which
codes to use for Kaf.
2) Since Pashto uses both Persian and Arabic Yehs, which look the same
in medial form, different computing experts have come to different
conclusions about which code to use. See Everson and Pournader,
"Computer Locale Requirements for Afghanistan", p. 5, available from

The situation of Kurdish is also interesting, as most Iranian users use
the Persian Kaf (at least in typography), while most Iraqi users use the
Arabic Kaf.


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