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I work for a private design collection of clothing/accessories that around
this time of the year start to spot some dermestid beetles that our pest
control provider has identified as black carpet beetles (this is by no
means an infestation, just seasonal activity we are trying to keep
controlled).  Last season, our pest control provider gave us some “carpet
beetle” traps that were later proved ineffective: our traps caught nothing
even though we had continued sightings of a few flying around and later our
pest control provider said the same traps were used in an absolutely
infested space and were unable to trap anything.  They have been unable to
recommend another trap.  I looked around on the Trapping section on Museum
Pests, but I figure direct endorsements are not polite.  I am unsure of the
brand they were using here, but the pheromone vials were placed on yellow
Catch-It glue traps.  Perhaps the Catch-It was not sticky enough for a
beetle as well...

If anyone does not mind making a personal endorsement, can you please
recommend a specific brand for black carpet beetle pheromones?

Thank you!

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