I have an odd question. I've been noticing the occasional fruit 
fly in my office area/washroom/work areas which are located in the basement of 
our building. I don't allow any kind of food on this level of the building, nor 
any drinks outside of water in resealable bottles and then only in designated 
areas with restrictions. Most of the time there's no one else on this level of 
the building and if there is I'd likely notice them bringing in food or other 
drinks. I haven't seen any fruit flies in the collections storage areas (woo!). 
There are exhaust vents in my work area and in the washroom. The washroom vent 
empties out into a crawl space under part of the building and I'm not sure 
where my work area vent goes but potentially the same spot. Some of the fruit 
flies have been getting stuck in the sticky trap in the washroom which is 
located by the door jam. I haven't noticed any fruit flies in other traps so 
I'm thinking they may be coming from there and potentially from the crawl space 
through the vent, though why they'd be in there I don't know. The main level of 
the building does have food friendly areas such as offices and a food service 
area for events but there doesn't seem to be an issue up there and I don't know 
how they would continually be getting down here as there is always at least one 
closed door to get, though generally more.

                It's a scent free workplace so it's not like I'm wearing eau de 
pourriture fruits perfume down here!

                Any thoughts?

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