Assuming these are American cockroaches, they're likely from the sanitary 
drains. Check all floor drains to ensure the traps are hydrated. If you're 
lucky, you just need to have those topped off periodically. Then, check other 
drains. In some cases, you may need to have the sanitary lines and vent stack 
checked for integrity.
Good luck.

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Dear List -

My head of security has come to us with an issue.  Apparently, they are being 
overrun with giant cockroaches (water bugs) in the basement and apparently it 
is starting to creep up to the first floor.  There is no construction going on, 
and the café kitchen has apparently never been cleaner.  Thoughts as to what a 
sudden influx of these pests might be indicating?  Thanks in advance.

Lisa Bruno
Carol Lee Shen Chief Conservator

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