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Sent: Friday, October 21, 2016 12:20 PM
Subject: [Nhcoll-l] freezer-alarm systems

Does anyone have experience to share or recommendations for freezer-alarm 
systems that send notifications when pre-set temperatures are reached? We have 
a new walk-in freezer (-20) and would like to install an alarm system that 
alerts us when the temperature gets too high. Our old freezer (may it rest in 
peace), had only an audible alarm, but we had to be in the room to hear it. I 
would love to have something that sends me a text message or email instead. The 
freezer installers want to sell us a fancy control unit that would allow us to 
monitor/adjust operation from afar, in addition to notifying us when temps get 
too high, but it seems complicated and like much more than we want or need. I 
know there are temperature alarms available that are either hardwired via 
telephone or internet network, or that operate using wifi. Can anyone recommend 
what has or has not worked for them or good companies/systems to consider?

Cindy Opitz
Collections Manager
Museum of Natural History and Old Capitol Museum
11 Macbride Hall
The University of Iowa
Iowa City IA 52242

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