Hi Erika,

Am responding on-list only because the Connecting to Collections Webinar last 
week addressed this issue and if you’re a member of the network (free) you can 
download the materials, and policy from the MSU Museum made available here 

The recommendations are to have a separate food management policy that 
correlates to the collections management policy, and that training of museum 
and catering staff is crucial to keep pest issues at a minimum or nonexistent.  
We currently operate with best practices in mind when it comes to food 
management but the webinar has spurred us to actually draft a policy, which I 
think was the case for many of the webinar participants.

Hope this is helpful,




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Hi everyone,

I am doing a quick survey of other institutions policies when it comes to pest 
management.  I work for a large national museum in Ottawa and we are reviewing 
our policies. Our museum, like many others have begun hosting large catered 
events as an additional source of revenue in these challenging times.  We hire 
an external contractor to implement our pest management program (apparently as 
a cost cutting measure), but are disappointed in the results and the amount of 
our time which goes into training these contractors. Does anyone out there have 
experience with implementing policies around the expectations for these 
external companies/contractors? OR do you have experience with implementing 
plans which correlate to hosted/catered events?  

We are also reviewing our freezing policies, and we tend to freeze everything 
that comes in or out of collections and exhibit space, (building materials, 
specimens, artifacts etc) as a pest infestation would be devastating to our 
collection.  We are curious as to the freezing policies other institutions have 
specifically around freezing non-collection materials. Could anyone share their 

A reply through pest-list is fine, but I'm also happy to discuss further using 

Kindest regards,


Erika Range


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