Thank you to everyone who replied with the ID of the caterpillar, I did not 
realise that they moult their skin, fascinating!

Hopefully it is a one off and not a sign of an infestation, I might try a 
couple of moth pheromone traps and see if any adult moths show up.

Thanks again,


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Hi Frances,

Yes this is most likely to be the larva of one of the 'house moths', possibly a 
tineid (Tineidae), but possibly an oecophorid (Oecophoridae).

An interesting observation being that there is one caterpillar plus two head 
capsules - this frequently occurs with larvae stuck on monitoring traps. They 
moult their skin which liberates them from the glue but then become stuck again 
very quickly, hence another moult and so forth. They sometimes feed on the shed 
skin, leaving the cast head capsule - you will note that the head capsules get 
incrementally smaller with each moult as reserves are used up.

I have seen up to 5 moults on traps and even larvae that have managed to 
escaped the trap in doing so. I have observed this behaviour in both tineid 
moths and Anthrenus larvae (Dermestidae).

Best regards,

Stuart Hine

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These look like caterpillars.  Could be a tineid moth species. You'll have to 
do some sleuthing to find out what could be infested.

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I would really appreciate some help identifying the larvae in the attached 
photo, they are about 5mm long and were found on a pest trap next to a coat 
stand so it is possible they have been brought in on a coat. Could they be 
clothes moth larvae or are they too small?


Many thanks,

Frances Cooper

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